The Yu Lab is looking for inspired and highly motivated Ph.D. students who are interested in big data-driven bioinformatics. The candidates are expected to involve in algorithm/method development in big biological data analysis. Students with strong analytic and programming skills are encouraged to apply.

Requirments: (1) Strong programming skills in one or more programming languages: Python, R, Perl, Java and C/C++; (2) Knowledge of probability theory, statistics or machine learning; (3) Ability to learn necessary biology background knowledge for research.

For students interested in joining the Yu lab: If you are a TAMU graduate student, please email Dr. Yu your CV,  transcripts and sample program codes, along with your understanding of big data-driven bioinformatics, why you are interested in this area and how your current skills and knowledge can be applied in this area. If you are not currently a TAMU graduate student, in addition to emailing Dr. Yu, you will need to apply officially at the TAMU ECE Graduate Admissions website (select the area Biomedical Imaging, Sensing & Genomic Signal Processing).